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Shahzad Nawaz: The trout fighting out the odds! (Interview)

By: Aayan Mirza

‘It must be something about his new movie,’ I thought when I didn’t receive the answers to the questions I had prepared for this interview. And it was, it was about his next film. It was only when the anxiousness started biting us off that I thought of contacting Shahzad for final…and there he told me, he told me he was busy with his new film, showed me a thick, blue binding of the final version of the screenplay he had just completed an hour ago. Five in the morning the same day, he sat with me on Skype and we finally did the interview. Here it is.

The start came naturally, I have been following Shahzad Nawaz for quite some time now, as far as his television appearances are concerned at least, although he later told me I hadn’t been following him enough in response to a particular question. Anyway, it is his title of ‘Change artist’ that has always intrigued me, I asked him to shed a little light on it, asked him whether he considered himself a revolution agent in Pakistan Film industry? (more…)

Sultanat Poster

Sultanat is the luckiest Pakistani film to come out in ages! Want to know why? Read on…

By Momin Ali Munshi

Eid-ul-fitr is round the corner ( well its tomorrow to be exact) and this can mean only one thing at the box office. War! Eid-ul-fitr is perhaps the holiest day for our film-makers and everyone wants their films to hit cinemas on Eid. And why wouldn’t they? The Eid festivities with the holidays , almost always guarantee a bumper opening at the box-office and who would want to miss that! Thus every year, when Eid comes about , all our Lollywood- wallahs decide to bring out their films from the old tainted cans to the shining silver screens!

While Lollywood is churning out its films , our neighboring country India always sends an export , which is usually a multi-crore Khan starrer film, and this poses some serious threat to our local films. But Eid openings are so huge that almost every one is accommodated, even the Hollywood biggies which are usually a part of this mix! But usually its Bollywood vs Lollywood and though our Lollywood does make money, but it always suffers at the hand of Bollywood!



Ali Zafar wears hat of a director

The multi-talented singer turned actor Ali Zafar has embarked into a new journey of directing a short film. Zafar shared a picture on a popular micro-blogging website Twitter, from the set of his debut directorial project captioning “at my set as director”.

The details of the project are not yet revealed except that it is a short film as informed by Zafar himself in a tweet to Ali Abbas Zafar, director of his Bollywood film Mere Brother Ki Dulhen. Ali Abbas Zafar showed his concern in a light-hearted way about the potential confusion which would originate between two directors who shared the similar names. (more…)


A quick chat with Afia Nathaniel: Dukhtar’s ‘Iron Lady’

By Momin Ali Munshi

Final Editing: Aayan Mirza

A few weeks back I was interviewing Omair Rana, and during the course of the interview Omair mentioned that he had shot for this one film and was particularly excited for it to release. What is it called I asked him? And he replied with the name, Dukhtar. That was the first time this particular name fell to my ears, and believe me, it has stuck in my head ever since.

A few days after the interview I saw Dukhtar’s poster in the newspapers which mentioned that the film would be releasing on August 14, and the poster was quite interesting to say the least! Then out came the teaser trailer which won everyone over. While the teaser hadn’t yet lived its life to full, the theatrical trailer which featured a plethora of famous actors came out, and well, it won us over again. Go to the start of this year and there was no name of this film, just in past few weeks, Dukhtar has generated a commendably huge buzz and come into the limelight!