Bol Review by Galaxy Lollywood


The review by Galaxy Lollywood

Movie Name: Bol

Release Date: 24th June 2011

Director: Shoaib Mansoor

Current Status: In cinemas

“BOL” needs no introduction for sure, from the very first shot of the very first day it has been in news. Be it due to the bold content of the film or due to the variety of actors, Bol has always managed to create headlines. Despite always being in the news and being termed as the biggest film of the year Bol did have some weak points, which we will discuss later in the review. Whatsoever the content and the overall presentation was so strong that it washed all its frail aspects away and  we can with confidence say  that Shoaib Mansoor did meet the expectations people had after his first film “Khuda Kay Liyay”.

Although Bol is running to packed houses with people, specially families having advance bookings, coming and loving the movie. But the fact is that Bol is not really a family film, at least not for children. It’s not just because of the language that has been used in the film, but the topics and the different societal taboos that are touched in the movie have nothing to do with kids and it’s our sincere suggestion to all those people who are making plans to go and watch the movie in cinemas in the near future to not take children along specially those aged under twelve.

But one thing that we can easily say is that, Bol has surely redefined the meaning of “Boldness” in this filmmaking business. Topics that could have been presented with visual vulgarity and so called ultra-boldness were handled in such a beautiful way that it fulfilled both the requirements; first of fully delivering the message and second of not letting people feel embarrassed. Now that’s what makes “Shoaib Mansoor” stand above the other lot of directors.

All that has been mentioned above is just an idea of how the movie finally came out. But now let’s get into the details and discuss all the different aspects that make a film a blockbuster.

Cast Placement/Role distribution:

The cast placement was pretty fine and everyone seemed to have a suitable part to play in the film. But if we overall look at the whole cast, we won’t find many actors from the film industry itself except for Shafqat Cheema and Irfan Khoosat and some others with smaller roles. The issues discussed in the movie have got more links with those mainly living in the rural areas and not having an actor with that rural appeal like Shaan, Moammar Rana, Javed Sheikh, Nadeem Baig or even Babra sharif in the film means you are then only left with a small urban market and thus the message that you are trying to give through the movie won’t be delivered properly.

But we are aware of the fact that our industry need fresh faces and if we won’t create value for them by doing what Shoaib Mansoor did, then how they will ever have that value in the market about which we talked earlier in this article and thus we support the idea of the director and we think that everyone did justice with whatever role they had.

Apart from that, if we look at the role of Atif Aslam and Mahira Khan, then as everyone is saying, we also believe that their role was unnecessary and it seems like that it was specially created for merely two reasons, the first reason we believe could be of bringing more value to the movie and the strategy proved to be successful too till a great extent. The second reason we think wasn’t really necessary as the topic it touched was of “Shia – Sunni Conflicts”. The topic is a very strong one but wasn’t given a due space in the movie which it deserves and thus it didn’t manage to create a large impact on viewers. Besides this Atif was perfectly suiting with his role of a doctor while Mahira was also looking good in her new look.

Apart from them, Manzar Sehbai, Zeb Rehman, Humaima Malik, Iman Ali, Shafqat Cheema and all others were looking perfect in their respective roles and all of them did a commendable job in whatever space they had.

                                                   Rating for cast placement/Character selection: 3.5/5 stars


Although the cast placement could have been better but the cast chosen did an amazing job. Manzhar Sehbai was really very strong at his part and showcased flawless acting, he basically was the centre character of the movie and knowing his importance he did a marvellous job which can be seen in the end product. Zeb Rehman and Hummaima Malik did a fantastic job and definitely made there characters more real and lively. Iman Ali had a short role but did it to the best of her capacity, her acting has matured after Khuda Key Liye and did justice to her role. She added star value to the film and people loved her different and new style of acting.

Atif Aslam and Mahira Khan were not required at all and neither did they do any wonders. By the end of the film it was obvious that they had been used for the youth factor as they did not have much to do other than dance and sing. If we look at their acting , it was very weak but this was expected from both these acting debutants and we hope they have learned from  their mistakes and will show better performance in their further acting ventures.

Shafqat Cheema did a marvellous job in his role and proved what a fine actor he is. He was perfectly suiting with his role and the way he carried it, was just amazing. Though we have mostly seen him playing negative roles in his past projects, but in Bol he had a very different and light character basically placed to make way for the character of Iman Ali, and he was just perfect there.

The new faces had short roles but did an okay job. An exception is Amr Kashmiri (Saifi) who outdid himself. All in all, keeping in mind the nature of sub-continental acting, we think that actors did a great job and their work is surely something worth praising.

           Rating for overall acting: [4.6 (Public) + 4.25 (GL) = 8.85/2] = 4.4/5 stars

Story & Topic:

The story of film can be best summarised as a collection of many different bold sub plots. The plot of the transgender child was revealing, whereas the red light area plot was also amazingly put together. But as we have constantly mentioned in the article before that Atif – Mahira part wasn’t really necessary, if it had to be included then it must have got a much greater space in the movie than just two or three short scenes, as the subject of Islamic division is not a very simple thing, and requires a certain depth and concentration which we found lacking there. However the main plot or idea was the best and managed to hit the hearts and minds of the people very well.

The main point raised in the film was that why is only killing illegal and why giving birth isn’t. Meaning; people who have kids knowing that they can’t give them a life worth living should also be put into light. The many plots made the film really bold as it is mentioned in the promos and thus makes it controversial.

The first half at some points was bit boring and this was because of the fact that story was still revealing itself at that time, otherwise the movie from the first scene was a rollercoaster ride add had the audience hooked to their seats.

Rating for the story and topic of the movie: [4.6 (Public) + 4 (GL) = 8.6/2] = 4.3/5 stars


Commenting on the direction of Shoaib Mansoor would be a foolish thing, but still if we look at it carefully there are some holes. At some points it looked like as if we were watching a drama or some telefilm. This was particularly felt in the scenes of the house where the entire family resides.

Apart from this, as everyone is commenting on the song of Iman Ali, we also found it something disappointing. Disappointing in the sense, that you have already seen similar work from Shoaib Mansoor in the past such as the song named Ishq Supreme – Anarkali. Furthermore many other Bollywood projects have similar dance sequences and after seeing them one realises how unprofessional and amateurishly is the song shot. But people watching such work for the first time will not find it much disappointing,

                           Rating for movie direction: [4.6 (Public) + 4.2 (GL) = 8.8/2] = 4.4/5 stars

Quality: (Visual and sound) & Special effects if any:

The quality of the film was quite good if we compare it to other films of our country. The visuals were clear and the sound was also quite good. At some points, specially when camera went outside the house, particularly having Badshahi Masjid and other urban roads of the country in focus, one can clearly understand the cry of industry people for not having quality gadgets. The way old Lahore was captured in the camera, was really not at its best. But still we would give credit to the director for bringing best out of whatever resources he had.

One thing that seriously deserves a great appreciation is the background score of the movie which we found really very appealing, and of course the makers of the film deserves appreciation for it.

                              Rating for movie Quality: 4.6 (Public) + 4.2 (GL) = 8.8/2] = 4.4/5 stars

Movie Business (First Week)

The business of the film in its first released week has been outstanding. It collected 25 million in these six days and that’s a huge achievement for Pakistani film industry. This revenue collection even broke the record of Sharukh Khan’s “My Name is Khan”, which in its first week of release in Pakistan earned a total amount of about Rs. 22 Million.

The figures are increasing at a very fast pace and the movie has managed to attract a large amount of audience in its second week too. Another thing to take in consideration is that the movie is still to release in other parts of the world such as India so hopefully it will all end at a great point, setting up a trend for other upcoming films and filmmakers.

                                                               Rating for “Movie’s first week Business”: 5/5 stars

Overall Fan reviews for the Movie (first Week):

The movie was received with mostly positive reviews by fans and most of them stated it to meet their expectations after the mega blockbuster film “Khuda Kay Liyay”. However some are still angry about the final product and reviewed it in not so good comments. A very common point on which people argued was that the language of the film was quite vulgar, while some had objections on Shoaib Mansoor’s Anti-Mulla ideas. But still most of the people and specially families are satisfied with the product and praising the work of the filmmaker in very cordial words.

                                      Rating for “Fan reviews for the movie” (Public rating only): 4.5/5 Stars

On the whole the film is something worth praising and the efforts of the director should be appreciated. Yes, some did find the film to be somewhat controversial but mostly the film is met with positive acceptance. If you have seen the film please do comment on the review, and if you have not yet seen it go catch it as soon as possible.

Final Rating:

Movie: Bol                     Language: Urdu
 Rating (Out of 5)
Cast (Placement and Character distribution) 3.5
Acting as a whole 4.4
Story and Topic 4.3
Direction 4.4
Quality (Visual & Sound of original prints) & Special Effects (If any) 4.4
Movie first week cinema business 5
Post-release fan reviews (First Week Only) 4.5
Average score by the movie

4.4 Stars

Final Post Release Rating For Bol by Galaxy Lollywood: 4.4 Stars/5

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7 comments on “Bol Review by Galaxy Lollywood

  1. Very nice review, thoroughly covered all aspects, and as much movie is concerned I will giv it maximum points. Most of people criticise Shoman for the language used in movie saying it Vulgar, ask those people that this movie was a mirror of ur society and this is how it talks. Fault dnt lie in movie but in us that we always try to be critical for others but dont see ourselves. Its nt about watching BOL but its all about feeling it

  2. Is the movie Saltanat being filmed right now? Do you have set pictures of Mona Laizza?

  3. Salam nice and complete analysis and post martem of Bol Movie….well i agree with admin and i wrote a comments few days ago about that bol movie is not a family film…well now its PG 13 movie…but overall its a excellent movie.

  4. Here in USA its not promoted yet since its owned by Eros for the International market. Thanks to the web resources especially the websites like “Galaxy-Lollywood”, our small movie industry is getting promoted overseas with the patriotic mindset. Galaxy-Lollywood is undeniably the honest and pro Pakistani resource and I would like to salute them for that. Thanks admins !! keep up the great work. Now back to BOL, I haven’t seen it yes as i mentioned above but after reading so much about it and seeing its making the only thing I’ve got is that this movie is made with heart to change the hearts for the better future for our country. I ask the people who find the language used in this movie Vulgar is because its something we hear it every day on the street corners and all we do is to ignore since you cant dare to stop it ? guess what “BOL” has made you open up successfully.

  5. I and my wife watched this movie some 10 days back… and were so pleasantly surprised to find it entertaining, in addition to communicating its point well! While the film leaves many unanswered questions, I really liked the hope angle brought in the end… with the emancipation of the women of the household.

    Am eagerly waiting for many more wonderful experiences to flow from Pakistan movies being released in India…

    Lots of love,

  6. BOL sirf Pakistan ki hi nahi balke dunya ki chand badi of super classic movies me shumar ho gi. shoaib mansoor ne sachche bolon per mabni ye film bana ka sabit kar diy hae k film making kisi ki miraas nahi hai balke ye artist k andar chupa 1 art hai jo bol ki soorat mai kabi bi samne a sakta ha . Bol bila shuba Ocsar ilm festival me bheji ja sakti hai.

    Khurram Junaid (Weekly Nigar)

  7. BOl sirf Pakistan ki hi nahi balke cinema history ki chand yadgar movies me se 1 hai. ye film Oscar film festival me bheji ja sakti hai.

    Khurram Junaid (Weekly Nigar)

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