Movie Ratings

Rating and Grading on “Galaxy Lollywood”.

This section of website will make your final choice to watch or buy a movie very easy. Two different “Rating” lists of  movies are published on this section of website, The lists are:

  • Pre-Release Movie Grading (For upcoming movies)
  • Post Release Movie Grading (For already released movies)

Both the lists will have a “grading & Rating box”, where a specific score will be given to a particular segment of the film and an average score at the end of it, not only this a detailed text underneath the box of each and every movie will justify the score given to a particular film or any of its segment.

This whole process will clear your mind and will give you an idea; whether to watch a particular film or not.

Movies will be added by time to time, but the ratings that are once given to them will never change until and unless the un-scored segments finally get some score. At the end of a section a list  is given, which will define where actually the movie stands among others.

All those movies which will be part of “Pre-release grading list” will be shifted to “Post-release grading list” with a different score and grade; once they are released.

An already graded movie which will not be released within 2 years of its rating, will finally be removed from the list and will not be made part of it until and unless it is re-announced by its makers for the cinema release.

Note: Just like the entire website, only Pakistani movies are considered and rated here.

Click on any of the following to take a look at your desired Rating list.


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