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“3 Bahadur” shows its strength and registers strong numbers at the box office.

by Momin Ali Munshi


22nd May 2015 was surely a historic day for Pakistan and specially for Pakistani Cinema as the country’s first animated feature film “3 Bahadur” was released in cinemas.  It was a day worth celebrating as a milestone had been achieved by us Pakistani’s and had given us something to be proud of. Furthermore what made the day even bigger was the fact that  Pakistan was finally, after a six year long hiatus,  hosting a cricket tournament in its home ground so the mood  in the country was obviously of celebration. However it is a known fact that whenever there has been cricket activity, the box office for a film has suffered, and “3 Bahadur” was no exception.


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“Bin Roye” has its Press Conference in Karachi ; Announces its release date and reveals new information about the film.


by Momin Ali Munshi

Although the first two quarters of the year 2015 were/are not particularly encouraging for the Pakistani Cinema as only three films have finally made it to the cinemas things are soon about to change.  The drought will soon be over because July is just around the corner and as you all know July is bringing  with itself Eid-ul-Fitr, which is usually the preferred release date chosen by most film producers. Sticking to its filmy quotient this Eid will be no different as it will not only have ARY Films “Wrong Number” hitting cinemas but will also see the HUM Films magnum opus “Bin Roye” being screened in cinemas all over Pakistan.



3 Bahadur (Review): Pakistan’s first animated feature film is a brave and sincere effort and lays a foundation for children’s cinema

Movie name: 3 Bahadur

Release Date: 22 May, 2015

Director: Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy

Music: Sheraz Upal

Review by: Zeeshan Mahmood

3 Bahadur (3 Brave) is the first animated feature film of Pakistan and this exclusiveness has given it a special recognition and made it one of the most talked about films of this year. The good thing is that the film proved itself worthy of it and successfully laid the foundation of children’s cinema in Pakistan.



Shaan Shahid and Syed Noor are coming back together for the upcoming film “Bhai Wanted”.

By Momin Ali Munshi
Yes you read that write readers. The superhit director actor jodi is all set come back to the silver screen and recreate their magic. The jodi which has already given a lot of superhits in the past , the last being the blockbuster Majajan, are now collaborating for another upcoming film titled “Bhai Wanted”.

Wait a second “Bhai Wanted”, the name sounds familiar no? Well don’t be confused it’s that very film which Syed Noor announced last year and that very film which he talked to us at Galaxy Lollywood when he gave us an exclusive interview back in August 2014.  Here are excepts from that interview:-