Did Lollywood Diva Noor just get married for the fourth time?

by Momin Ali Munshi

If reports are to be believed then yes this Lollywood diva recently got hitched for the fourth time. For an actress whose love life has created more headlines than her movies, this news should not come as a surprise. Ever since the shooting of her comeback film “Ishq Positive”  started there were always one rumor or the other of the closeness the leading couple shared. Well looks like they were not  just rumors because if a leading Urdu Daily is to be believed then Noor has actually married her “Ishq Positive” co-star Wali Khan. But before we get to Wali let us tell you a bit  about the other men in Noor’s life.



Bin Roye is all set to conquer Bollywood this Eid-Ul-Fitr.

By Momin Ali Munshi 

Ever since the Zee Zindagi channel has been launched in India it seems as if more and more avenues for trade have opened up between the two countries. This Indian channel exclusively airs Pakitani content and has clicked big time with the Indian audiences. It is majorly due to this channel that more and more Pakistani actors are finding ground in the Indian arena. However ever since the Pakistani film revival movement has gained momentum we haven’t really seen a Pakistani film release in India. But that is soon going to change as the Mahira Khan starrer “Bin Roye” is all set to release in India and that too on the same day as its International release date. (more…)


(GL Exclusive) Bajrangi Bhaijan is not releasing in Pakistan; Read the entire inside story.

by Momin Ali Munshi


Will he? or  Will he not? That is exactly the question which is on everyone’s mind. While there are those who are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the beloved “Bajrangi Bhaijan” there are others for whom this name is like a nightmare. The impending release of this Salman Khan starer is surely the hottest topic of discussion among the Pakistani public and even more so for the trade people for whom this film is like a sword hanging on their heads. There have been many reports as to the release status of the film but Galaxy Lollywood here brings you the super exclusive post which will expose the inside workings and will tell what’s really going on  behind the scenes and that why will the film SURELY NOT RELEASE in Pakistan.


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Guess What? “Dekh Magar Pyar Say” completes its shooting in a record 45 days.

by Momin Ali Munshi

Looks like Asad ul Haq is a man of his word. Just a few months back in April he announced that he would soon start the shooting of his directorial debut “Dekh Magar Pyar Say” and release it in August. And guess what? The man has actually done it! Yes he has completed the shooting of his film in just 45 days which is surely a feat worth celebrating.

You know when he first announced these in plans in April, the industry insiders thought of him as “too ambitious” and “a bit idealistic” and could not help but laugh it off as something that would not materialize.  And honestly would you blame the trade people? We live in a country where films have taken years to make and even the ones that are relatively better timed have almost always been delayed by months at least. So for Asad to start the film in April and end it in June with a total 45  days is nothing but an achievement.