Sana Bucha

Sana Bucha makes it to silver screen, Finally!

But the awesomeness of the news just doesn’t end here as she is not the only cool face to feature in what looks to be a far cooler project. Instead she will be joined by the multifaceted Ayesha Omer and the super-star boys of Pakistan film Industry (Read More).


Should Celebrities charge for making appearances at Student Run Events?

“Mera aik masla hay…” “Umm… Maam Im sorry?” “Aap ko pata hona chahiye.” “Maam Im sorry I dont know.” ” Asal main, paisay kay beghair main kuch nahi karti…” This is the conversation that took place between one of my assistants and a leading television actress when we invited her for our event FiLUMS. For […]

Chambaili UK poster

Chambaili makes a name for Pakistan in UK

With a release in more than ten cities there, including in, London, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Cambridge, Chambaili starring Shahzad Nawaz, Mehreen Syed, Salmaan Peerzada, Shafqat Cheema, Humayun Bin Rathore, Omair Rana, Maira Khan, and Ghulam Moyiuddin is serving its South Asian market fairly well. Not only that, the publicity through BBC and other major media outlets in the Kingdom also gave it a pretty good pre-release name there.


Lahore deprived, while Karachi gets a dose of “Sex” and “Sunny Leone”

Sex Sells, Sex+Horror is a deadly combo, But Sex+Horror+Sunny Leone+Baby Doll. Well this is something that was bound to take the box office by storm and that is exactly what happened in India when the film released yesterday and made a whooping 8.5 crore on the first day. Let me add that 8.5 crore is […]


Humayun Saeed gets replaced and the “Waar” trio of Shaan-Shamoon-Hamza reunites in the upcoming film “Gidh”

Its a norm worldwide that when a film becomes a hit , the general public wants a sequel, or wants the same group of actors in another film. When Waar released last year , it became more then just a success. Waar was a game-changer and finally gave the Pakistani Film Industry something to be […]

Shahzad Rafique & Shahzad Nawaz at FiLUMS

At FiLUMS: Shahzad & Shahzad drew a comparison between old and the new cinema

According to Nawaz, the cinema in Pakistan is changing and its changing fast. The Gandasa culture is over as people needed change and fresh stuff. Like his, more and more films are (Read More)

Team Galaxy Lollywood (Zeeshan Mahmood & Momin Ali Munshi) with Seema Hameed (Far right) -- Producer

At FiLUMS: Team ‘Kites Grounded’ talked about the Film, banned Basant festival and following your passion

The film tells the tale of a kite maker (played by Irfan Khossat) who is losing his passion out of great distress of dying festival of Basant and apathy of society and government as told by the director Murtaza Ali to (Read More)