Fast & Furious 7 races all the way to the top at Pakistan’s Box-Office.

By Momin Ali Munshi

That Fast & Furious 7 would open to record sales in Pakistan  was a fact that everyone knew. Well the film was an established franchise, easily one of the biggest film franchises in the world, plus the real-life death of Paul Walker( one of the main characters in the film) was further going to add to #Furious7 mania as people would see the film to pay the late actor a tribute. But no one could have thought, even in their wildest dreams, that the film would open in Pakistan the way it has.

Here I would like to mention that its a well  known fact that Bollywood films connect better with the Pakistani audiences as compared to Hollywood or the local counterpart Lollywood films. Why? Well firstly there is  a language barrier, which though is being taken care of with Urdu dubbing, and Bollywood appeals much more to the massed and well Lollywood has not established its firm market as of yet.



Lollywood comes out in full form to launch Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

 by Momin Ali Munshi


To say that it was just another star studded night would be an understatement. For it was like all the stars from the galaxy had landed in Lahore’s Royal Palm this Wednesday for a spectacular night of glitz and glamour. Fashion, Film, Television, Music, you name it and the who’s who from the industry was present. What was the event you ask? Well no, it was not an award ceremony nor was it a  television event rather it was the grand launch event of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

And leading the frontier at this event was our Lollywood industry with actors  from 2015’s prominent releases taking charge at this event. The hosting was done by “Jalaibee’s” Wiqar Ali Khan and “Karachi Se Lahore Tak” star Ayesha Omar. Furthermore Sabeeka Immam , Ahmed Ali Butt, Omair Rana among many others were also there at the event. Here is a little overview of what went down at the event.


Bin Roye and Revenge of the Worthless Trailer

Raining Trailers: ‘Bin Roye’ follows ‘Revenge of the Worthless’ trailer release

By Aayan Mirza

The trailer season of the year has the gales of it taking the country entirely under its spell. Every another day there is some trailer of this long awaited film finally coming out, hammering the bells ringing for its soon to be made entry into the arena.

The most recent spell of it perhaps started with the song teaser of Ho Mann Jahan, after which came the teaser trailer of Humayn Saeed’s multi-starer Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, and now the latest of these entries have been made by the two, yet again, long awaited, star-cast laden mega productions, namely, Revenge of the Worthless, and Bin Roye. (more…)

The 2015 Film Calendar: Your Easy Guide to all Pakistani Films Releasing This Year.

by Momin Ali Munshi

Although the first quarter of 2015 did not bring with itself a lot of filminess for all us Lollywood lovers but the coming few months are nothing but promising. More and more films are coming in the limelight  and to our surprise most of them are actually going to release this year too. Although the number of films releasing this year is still way behind the other film fraternities around the world, but for us in Lollywood it is nothing short of a huge feat. There are lots of exciting films coming up and to help you plan and to make it easy for you to remember all the dates  we’ve compiled a handy list of release dates for your convenience.

Below, you’ll find a complete detailed guide to all the films releasing in the next couple months. Star Cast, Directors, Release Dates—they’re all in there, and we’ll continue to update the list in the coming days and weeks as more dates are announced so bookmark this  page.