Shweta Tiwari to make her Lollywood debut

It seems like Pakistani film director Syed Faisal Bukhari has realised the fact that local film fans are now ready to go and watch films in cinemas, but the only condition is that the film should be of quality and maybe that’s the reason why he not only announced two of the quality films but in fact both of them are very much complete.

One of these films is named as Saltanat, of which we some months back also posted a detailed overview, today we have got some more updates related to it.

Maybe not latest but still very much unknown news related to the film is that Indian actress Shweta Tiwari of drama serial Kasauti Zindagi Ki and Indian reality show Big Boss 4 fame will also be seen in the film not in the lead but in a very strong role in the film, this film of Syed Faisal Bukhari will also mark her Lollywood debut.

Apart from that, it has also come to our knowledge that the lead character of the film is given to Pakistani actress/model and host ZQ (Zainab Qayum), while the male lead is still unknown but some news reports suggest that it will be played by Pakistani actor Ahsan Khan (rumoured).

On the other hand actress Mona Lizza who recently made her Bollywood debut with Pooja Bhutt’s Kajraare is said to have a cameo role in the movie, most probably in an “Item Song”.

Cast with the whole team was previously in Dubai for the shooting but recently some sources informed us that not only the shooting of the movie is completed but in fact the film is currently in its post production stage and hopefully will be completed soon. It is also rumoured that Saltanat which started after Bhai Log will be released before, but still there is no official statement of the director or producer on this issue.

To discuss the technicalities of Saltanat, Galaxy Lollywood contacted film critic Rehman Shahid and asked him to present his views on the film. Rehman said, “I first of all want to clear that I was not at all following this film of Faisal mainly because director has so far kept it under the box and Bhai Log on the other hand enjoyed a greater news space, and all my reviews related to this film will be based on the news that I just have heard and I am not confirmed about them.

Whatever news I have, I think movie looks good and I guess Mr. Bukahri is doing a fine job here, but I am more concerned about ZQ in the lead role, though I don’t have any idea about her character but in my opinion she never was a film material, she fits more to the ramp part of the industry”.

Talking about the inclusion of Shweta Tiwari, Rehman said, “I would again say I don’t know what her role is and I am not sure how she gonna carry her scenes in the film, I am surely aware of her work on small screen but she has been part of the big screen mostly for Tamil films, so lets see what she does in her first Urdu film, but I have got great expectations from her side”.

Discussing the “Item number” of Mona Lizza, he said, “As far as I have heard, the story of the film is related to the “Underworld Life”, if it’s really true then I guess an Item number completely fits in the film but you see it could have been avoided, I am afraid if at the end this item number comes out something just like those typical “Barish waley” songs which directors here put in their films to attract more audience, so I think that “Vulgarity factor” should be avoided and I believe director will have this point in mind for sure”.

“Overall I guess I will give 2.5 stars out of 5 as its pre release rating and I hope film does well in cinemas”, Rehman said while giving his pre release verdict for Saltanat.

The release date of the movie is still unknown but as per our sources if the film is really in its post production stage then it shouldn’t take much time to finally have its cinema release.

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