“Rafina” Pakistan’s reply to “Fashion” seems to be big.

After Sabiha Sumar’s hit film “Khamosh Pani”  everyone was eagerly awaiting her next feature film “Rafina”. The film which is somewhat on the lines of the Indian film “Fashion” shows a girl from a low class family getting into modelling and what happens after that. Well the film is obviously going to be full of glitz and glamour as it is about the fashion industry but will also be realistic as it will show the impact of  fashion on the conservative  poor family of the girl.

The film has quite some name’s attached to it. Director Sabiha Sumar for one has huge credibility as a director. The cast includes famous model Aamna Illyaas,Saba Parvaiz, Amna Sheikh, Savera Nadeem, Farhan Ali Agha among others. The film will also have special appearances by many designers and models, a glimpse of which can be seen in the newly released trailer. This is one film which will surely create quite a buzz as we all know how fashion is one of the major things to have hit Pakistan in  the last few years.Here is the trailer for you to see.

The film has been in production for quite some time and the director hopes to release it commercially very soon. Galaxy Lollywood wishes it all the best.


  1. actually the script for the movie was finalized back in 2005 and is based on a novella by shandana minhas that is from the early 2000s. so really it’s not inspired by the bolly flick fashion :)

  2. Saadia we never said that the film is a blatant copy of Fashion. We just said and we quote “somewhat on the lines of the Indian film Fashion”.

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