Shaan announces “Mission Allahuakbar” for directorial comeback

Shaan (Leisure Club) 1

Picture Courtesy: Leisure Club

Not much has been revealed yet, but Mission Allahuakbar is going to be the film that will announce the superstar Shaan Shahid back in both, the directorial and acting scene of Pakistan Film Industry.

Having directed four films already in his career; with Zille Shah to release in 2009 being the last one, Shaan is certainly coming back to directorial world after a long break. The last Urdu film to release having Shaan in the lead role was director Altaf Hussain’s Khamosh Raho in 2011, film failed to attract the audience to cinemas and was considered a disaster at box office, forcing Shaan to take a shift to small screen with his own morning show.

Now with the start of new year, the superstar has already initiated the work on his next directorial flick named, Mission Allahuakbar. What is this film about? Is it a military film?  A religious one? Or will it focus on any of the social subjects? Well, we seriously don’t know.

But what we know is that Shaan has already cast Humaima Malick opposite to him in the movie, whereas the film is written by our very own Parvez Kaleem.  “This film is going to be interesting. I cannot divulge too many details but it’s about a mission,” said Parvez in one of his very recent interviews. Parvez also informed that the film has already hit the road as it is currently under production in Thailand.

It has also come to our knowledge that actress Juggan Kazim; who has already been paired with Shaan in Khamosh Raho, was originally supposed to play the female lead in the film, but things couldn’t workout between both the two and Shaan at last replaced her with Humaima Malick.

Chup and Masakali were the two films that were previously announced to be produced under Riaz Shahid films banner and directed by Shaan obviously, the actor had even made a contract with Juggan Kazim to work in three of his future films. But nothing seemed to be progressing in the right direction and both the projects were shelved for indefinite period.

Mission Allahuakbar cannot just be the rebranded version of Masakali as the latter was written by Shaan himself, with the well-known Sarmad Khoosat being its script writer, whereas, as mentioned earlier this film is penned by the famous Pakistani film producer and writer Parvez Kaleem. However, there is a little possibility that it is Chup that was thought all over again and is now re-launched with a brand new name. Anyhow, all that concerns us is that this project progresses well and finally manages to hit the local cinemas.

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