The curious life of Mahira Khan: Saying no to Shaan, yes to Humayun, wait for Fawad and much more

By: Ibrahim Qutub

Edited by: Aayan Mirza

Mahira Khan is a name that you can only love. You might not be a big fan of Humsafar, but there is so much more to her that it instantly makes you fall in love with the lady. When she did her first film, Bol, she was just a pretty VJ for selected few of us, today, she stands as a household name in Pakistan, among some of the very few faces widely recognied, cherished and praised in the showbiz world.

We love her, so we follow her, keep a tab on most of her activities, new TV serials, brand endorsements, film offers, film offers from India, and a lot more. Here is what the lady is up to these days.

In a recent interview to ‘The News’, Mahira Khan disclosed and discussed many secrets and topics which were in going for couple of days.

Starting from the biggest rumor cum news that she might be pairing up with the star lad of Bollywood, Ranveer Singh, in one of his upcoming films, Mahira completely denied this by saying, “there is no fire to this smoke and I am not in any talks with the Indian Film-makers at the moment.” Mahira however accepted that she was in talks with them earlier but nothing got out of it. She, however, said she is willing to work in Bollywood if good offers come by.

Talking about her next project, ‘Sadkay Tumharey’, she said she was looking for good projects after doing Humsafar and Shehr-e-Zaat. And that she found this script good enough and decided to go for it.

It doesn’t remain something distant to see Mahira Khan back in cinemas as she spoke about her second and Hum channel’s first feature film ‘Bin Roye’. Talking about the project, Mahira said,”I signed it right after Humsafar two years ago because of its amazing script and that it had Fawad Khan in the lead with me. But then Fawad got busy with Khoobsurat and the project got delayed”. Further adding she said,”It is a project we’ve been doing for almost two years now and I’ve put my blood in it”. She also told that it is a film which, after its release, will be aired on Hum TV as a Drama Serial with a longer story. ‘Bin Roye’; after Fawad’s drop, stars Humayun Saeed as its male lead along with Mahira of course and, Zeba Bakhtiyaar and Armeena Khan.

Speaking about films, she also told that she has signed another feature project being directed by her dear friend Asim Raza starring Adeel Hussain and Shehryar Munawar in the lead. The project is in its initial phase currently with no name entitled yet.  It was because of this project that Mahira said she had to drop the film offered to her by Shaan Shahid, who was writing the film and producing it in collaboration with Shiny Toy Guns.

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