Year’s first major release “Jalaibee” is all set to be devoured on the 20th March.

by Muhammad Aayan Mirza/ Momin Ali Munshi

While the first quarter of 2015 is almost about to end, the excitement regarding Pakistani Cinema is just building up. With “Good Morning Karachi” releasing at the very beginning of the year, the next Pakistani film which is geared  to take Pakistani Cinema forward  is all set to release.


Yes, we are talking about the big budget multi-starrer ‘Jalaibee’ which  is all set to enthral and entertain the audiences later this month when it releases all over Pakistani on the 20th of March 2015.  With its strong star cast, Jalaibee is truly one of its kind and is being touted as a film that will dazzle and amaze audiences of all ages, adding a new flavour to the Pakistani film industry. Written and directed by Yasir Jaswal, the movie is a joint venture of ARY Films & Redrum Films. To shed more light on the  film and to reveal some new insights, the team held a press conference in Karachi yesterday which was a very well attended affair where not only the cast and crew but leading actors/ film people came to show support for the film and Pakistani Cinema in general.

The Galaxy Lollywood team has been on foot and on keyboards too keep you abreast of the event happenings and here go all the details:

But hey, before we get to that, please note that  “Tickets are now available on sale in all the major cinemas of the country” so go and book your tickets before cinemas start going houseful!

The event was masterfully steered by the very dynamic Ali Safina, who will also be seen in one of the prominent roles in the film. The cast of the film, along with the ‘big guys’ behind the project were all given space on stage and asked about their thoughts on the film.

Salman Iqbal, ARY’s Founder and President, speaking at the occasion stressed on the need to provide space to the local content in a market where investing in a Bollywood project seems a far more feasible decision on the paper. He also announced that for the marketing purpose of the film, ARY has launched this offer where if you get yourself registered with ARY Sahulat Bazar while buying the film ticket, the amount you’ll pay for the ticket will directly be transferred to your ARY Sahulat Bazar account, which in turn will make your ticket practically free as you can redeem that amount at different shopping outlets all over Pakistan.

Shot with the same camera that has in past been used to shoot films like Gravity, Skyfall and Ironman 3 and graded and post produced using the latest high-end facilities in Europe, along with an interesting mix of animated scenes, Murtaza Shah, the film producer and a construction businessman originally, insisted that they have tried their best to create something unique for Pakistan film industry. Murtaza Also said that “all the characters in the film and the cast that plays those characters was all very meticulously decided beforehand so that everything fits absolutely perfectly.”

Speaking at the occasion, Writer and Director of the film, Yasir Jaswal said, ‘Jalaibee is certainly not just one man’s effort, the credit for it goes to that each and every actor and crew member that has stood up for the film in heat and fought for it.” He also said that now that they have done their work, it would be his appeal to the people of Pakistan to go and watch the film on 20th March 2015.

The film starring a number of prominent TV actors, such as Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Adnan Jaffar, Sajid Hasan, Uzair Jaswal, Wiqar Ali Khan, Sabeeka Imam and Zhalay Sarhadi is bound to be an instantaneous hit. The Pakistani action thriller is based around three tangled stories running parallel, offering its viewers a glimpse of the underworld mafia and the drama that comes with it. The movie moves to describe the entwined series of events and the underlying implications of how all the characters are connected to the mafia circuit and have to deal with the problems they face.

The film features original soundtracks by Qayaas, Uzair Jaswal, Humaira Arshad and few other artists. The music is of the film is produced and directed by Sarmad Ghafoor, who is a London Born Pakistani record producer, guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter. Being a part of Qayaas (his current band) and working with a wide variety of artists, including Atif Aslam, Bilal Khan, Nusrat Hussain, Abbas Ali Khan, and Overload, Sarmad is expected to shock the nation with his music yet again.

Also speaking at the ‘Meet the Press’ event, Jerjees Seja, the Chief Executive Officer of ARY Digital Network said, “It’s very easy to import an Indian film and make money on it, but going through the pains and the whole exercise for your own product is something that definitely worth more than anything else. He also announced that after releasing their group’s first film for the year, that is Jalaibee, on 20th March 2015, they will be releasing 3 Bahadur next on 22nd May which is Pakistan’s first animated film, and then they will be coming up with Humayun Saeed’s Jawani Phir Nahee Aani, for which they will announce the release date in the running month.

A surprise caller at the occasion was the Chairman Bahria Town, Mr. Malik Riaz, who announced that he has already bought 10,000 tickets of the film that will all be distributed amongst some 450,000 members of Bharia Town through an ongoing lucky draw on the group’s website, making Jalaibee the first Pakistani film that has already done a business of Rs. 50 lac before its release.

A short clip of the film’s item cum dance number, Jawani, was also played at the event. Featuring actress Zhalay Sarhadi, the song was appreciated for maintaining a good decency level and having a nice colourful feel with good performances by the back dancers and being technically very sound.

Jalaibee is the kind of movie that every Pakistani would love to watch in the cinema at least once. If not for anything else, then for the sheer love of action and thrill that we have all grown up enjoying; Jalaibee has everything that audience’s worldwide love to watch in a movie.

Well we cannot wait for the 20th of March to come so we can finally devour this delicious Jalaibee. Are you excited for the film as well? Let us know in the comments section. Moreover here are a few photos from the event.

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