Author: Aayan Mirza

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Iman Ali replaced by Urwa Hocane in upcoming romantic comedy

By Aayan Mirza

After getting the ideal big screen break from the box office hit Na Maloom Afraad, there is absolutely no stopping to the actress Urwa Hocane’s success bar. Among so many new entrants in the film industry, Urwa has created quite a space for herself. (more…)

‘Karachi Se Lahore’ trailer hits the comic bullseye

By Aayan Mirza

Although there is still some time for the actual product to be unveiled, but the recently released trailer of the upcoming film, Karachi Se Lahore, seems to have won the public already.

And why wouldn’t it, the film from the peek through it’s trailer looks to not only have a good portion of organic humour, but also some catchy music, an entertaining cast and an interesting enough plot. All the necessary ingredients to make it a potential blockbuster we say. (more…)

Raining Trailers: ‘Bin Roye’ follows ‘Revenge of the Worthless’ trailer release

By Aayan Mirza

The trailer season of the year has the gales of it taking the country entirely under its spell. Every another day there is some trailer of this long awaited film finally coming out, hammering the bells ringing for its soon to be made entry into the arena.

The most recent spell of it perhaps started with the song teaser of Ho Mann Jahan, after which came the teaser trailer of Humayn Saeed’s multi-starer Jawani Phir Nahi Aani, and now the latest of these entries have been made by the two, yet again, long awaited, star-cast laden mega productions, namely, Revenge of the Worthless, and Bin Roye. (more…)

Furious 7 to not race on Atrium and Centaurus Cinemas (Details to know)

By Aayan Mirza

Fast and Furious today stands as one of the biggest active film franchises in the world, 17th biggest of all time in terms of its gross revenues only in Northern American territory. The last instalment of the series, Fast and Furious 6, did a whopping business of over $780 million worldwide.

Thus, and very naturally, whenever a Fast and Furious film releases, everyone wants a share of the pie, the distributors and exhibitors specially crave for it. But what if you are both, the sole distributor of the film in the country and one of the biggest exhibitors at the same time, you may become¬†that bully boy who wants the largest piece of the pie. (more…)