This Dekh Magar Pyaar Say teaser is like a cheesy music video meets a lawn campaign.

by Momin Ali Munshi

It was without a doubt one of the most eagerly awaited teasers of the year. And why not? For it was not only bringing back the gorgeous Humaima Malick back to the local screens but it also marked the debut of the hot restaurateur who happens to be the grandson of the legendary singer Noor Jehan. Hopes were set high and anticipation levels were touching the roof as the clock struck 11 and the teaser was finally made public. But what followed, although did manage to “tease” the audience, but was highly unimpressive and served as  a lackluster first look for one of the most eagerly awaited films.


O21’s new trailer is smart but mellow, fast but disconnected

By: Aayan Mirza

Read the headline of this article once again. How would you evaluate it if you had to, this is how I would: Apparently, it looks smart, good enough to read, but there is something wrong with it – it is inconsistent within itself: What has the word ‘smart’ got to do with ‘mellow’, and how does ‘fast’ connect with ‘disconnected’. That is what’s wrong with the headline there, and that’s exactly what we evaluate of O21’s new trailer. (more…)

Pakistan’s New-age Cinema: Expectations and Challenges

By Zeeshan Mahmood

‘New-age cinema’ and ‘revival of cinema’ are the two terms most frequent in media these days when the current state of film industry in Pakistan is in focus. These terms may sound cliches, but I believe they are used quite aptly for our film industry that is finally on the rise after a long downfall spanning over a period of two decades, and taking baby steps to be formed into new shapes and dimensions sourcing out of the passion and efforts of a new breed of filmmakers that is without any coincidence largely happens to be from Karachi instead of Lahore unlike in the days gone.

The dream of seeing boom in the film industry and cinema culture of Pakistan seems nearing its reality with an increasing number of films being announced, but the business of making films and selling the dream of revival of cinema at the same time does not seem a smooth journey owing to multi-dimensional socio-economic, cultural and political issues engulfing the local film industry just like any other business in the country in this time of uncertainty. In this article, I discuss some of the challenges new-age cinema faces today along with people’s hopes and expectations from it.


Watch it or not: Yays and Nays for upcoming films

Naturally, one cannot watch every other film releasing merely on the enthusiasm of supporting the local film industry. There are films you would instantly be attracted to, and then there are those you would not like to spend your 400 rupees on.

Today we help you make that decision easy for yourself. Today I tell you why and why not should you watch a certain film. Today we weigh the films as per their unique selling points, on their strengths and weaknesses.

This article features four of the most awaited upcoming films, that also happen to be releasing sooner than others this year. So let’s see which among these four should you start saving money for, and for what reasons. (more…)