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Jalaibee (Review): A lot of swag, suave and its own share of sweet and sour twists

Movie Name: Jalaibee

Release Date: March 20, 2015

Director: Yasir Jaswal

Review by: Aayan Mirza/Momin Ali Munshi

Jalaibee is unarguably the biggest Pakistani film to be releasing this year and arguably the biggest film overall to be hitting local cinemas this year as of yet. It’s not just its budget, it’s not just its colossal scale of release (Pakistan, UK and USA simultaneously), it’s not just its marketing, but it’s actually the overall aura the film has managed to create around it, something that will play a major role in whatever magic it manages to create in terms of its box office figures.

As an actual content though; in terms of its entertaining prowesses, the film, we believe, just missed the trick.


The official trailer of Jalaibee is released

By Zeeshan Mahmood

The official trailer of upcoming film Jalaibee is released and it has set the level of excitement to a new high.

The star cast of Jalaibee includes Danish Taimoor, Ali Safina, Zhalay Sarhadi, Wiqar Ali Khan, Uzair Jaswal, Sajid Hasan, Sabeeka Imam and Adnan Jaffer. The film is releasing on 20th March.

Watch the trailer below.


BREAKING NEWS: Jalaibee is releasing on March 20th

By: Zeeshan Mahmood

Jalaibee, a highly awaited movie, is finally hitting the cinemas in Pakistan, USA, UK and Middle East on March 20th, 2015. The release date of the movie is announced officially by ARY Films and Redrum Films in an online release along with the first poster of the film.

In multi-star film many known faces of the entertainment industry are taking debut including the TV’s favorite hunk Danish Taimoor along with Wiqar Ali Khan, Ali Safina, Zhalay Sarhadi and Uzair Jaswal. The film also includes the veteran TV/film actor Sajid Hasan in a prominent role.


Your Super Duper Mega Exclusive Ultimate Photo Guide to all the celebrity weddings in August 2014

by Momin Ali Munshi

To say that August 2014 was the month of “Celebrity Weddings” would definitely be the right thing to say. Almost every other day the news of some celebrity tying the knot was making headlines. Moreover, when there is a wedding there are obviously going to be loads of photos and specially with celebrity weddings the photos are even more exciting as the general public wants to see what the celebrities wore, who all was there at the wedding and what generally happened. To get a sneak peak at the weddings the general public tries browse the photos that the different websites post which are usually the professional photo shoots .

However we at Galaxy Lollywood decided to take things a few notches higher. We decided to raid the personal accounts of a dozen celebrities and  share with you some of the more exclusive and interesting images from these weddings. Yes we stalked all your favorite celebrities on  twitter, facebook, instagram  and it has given us some really fun  photos that we shall be sharing now. So we shall be sharing the professional photos as well the personal photos.  However to narrow things down  we are sharing pictures from three weddings:-