Jalaibee (Review): A lot of swag, suave and its own share of sweet and sour twists

Movie Name: Jalaibee

Release Date: March 20, 2015

Director: Yasir Jaswal

Review by: Aayan Mirza/Momin Ali Munshi

Jalaibee is unarguably the biggest Pakistani film to be releasing this year and arguably the biggest film overall to be hitting local cinemas this year as of yet. It’s not just its budget, it’s not just its colossal scale of release (Pakistan, UK and USA simultaneously), it’s not just its marketing, but it’s actually the overall aura the film has managed to create around it, something that will play a major role in whatever magic it manages to create in terms of its box office figures.

As an actual content though; in terms of its entertaining prowesses, the film, we believe, just missed the trick.


(Breaking News)Humayun Saeed plays the lead in a film based on Malik Riaz’s life; The first look video is out!

by Momin Ali Munshi

We are sure that nobody saw this coming!
A  movie on the Pakistani business magnate Malik Riaz who is the proud founder and owner of Bahria Town. Not that his life lacks content which could be used for a film, rather his life has all the twists/ turns and masala which makes for a good biographical film. What has almost all the film trade shocked is that how before this first look promo there was not a single word heard of this film. It just came out of nowhere!


Operation-021 or Na Maloom Afraad which film should you go see on this Bakra Eid?

by Momin Ali Munshi

Hello my fellow Lollywood-ers, Eid is upon us and that can mean only one thing ( well other than the fact that there are going to be lots of Bakra’s everywhere) that Lollywood is going to churn out more films today than rest of the year combined. Yes, that is the power of the Eid box-office my mates. However we shall not be focusing on the many B/C grade films releasing today, rather will be talking about the clash of our two mega titans  “Na Maloom Afraad” and “Operation-021.” The million dollar question which almost everyone has on their mind is that which of the two films they should go check out ? Operation-021 or Na Maloom Afraad?

Well don’t fear, for your savior Momin Ali is here.

I had the privilege of seeing both the films at the private screenings (Thank You Team 021 and Team NMA ) and hence having seen both the films gives me unimaginable power and makes me the last hope for mankind *evil laugh*

However I have decided that I will give you my extremely valuable opinion, which you all can listen to or ignore as well if you wish but its better if you listen to it. So without further drama, grab your mutton kebabs , pour in some Coke and find out which film should you spend your hard earned Bakra-Eidi on.


(Galaxy Lollywood Exclusive): Swaarangi is all set to release real soon…

By:  Momin Ali Munshi

All you Resham fans out there can now rejoice as the comeback film of your beloved actress is all set to hit cinemas real soon. The high placed sources of ours inform us that the release date of the film has been locked and the film is going to release somewhere in October after Eid. Yes, you read that right! The film which is making all the right waves due to its blockbuster music is now going to soon release in cinemas. (more…)