The 5 Divas all set to make it big in Pakistan’s Film Scene

By: Ahmed Sarym

Final Editing: Aayan Mirza

Lads and ladies nowadays criticise there are no fresh faces in the Film Industry and that the old ones keep repeating, well guys that’s true to a great extent but not entirely.

There are new actors and actresses trying to make their presence felt in the industry and almost every recent release, or the ones that are to make it to cinemas in near future for that matter, have all their fair share of fresh faces in the offer. (more…)

News Aaj Kal: Reema wins American award, Shamoon on Gidh, Ali-Fawad film rumors and many more

By: Zeeshan Mahmood

Since the successful release of Na Maloom Afraad and Operation 021 the dust of hyper-activity seems to be settling down in the terrain of Pakistan’s film industry but its not so quite as a lot of buzz about upcoming projects is being heard from here and there along with the promising news about our stars’ popularity rising abroad.

In this edition of News Aaj Kal we present you some of the fascinating news bytes about the happenings in Pakistan’s film industry and in the lives of our stars.


Gidh: The teaser is out and the excitement is already building up…

by Momin Ali Munshi


While Lollywood was celebrating the release of two films “Na Maloom Afraad” and “Operation-021” Shamoon Abbasi had something else on his mind. Dont get the wrong idea you all, he was busy getting the teaser of his directorial debut ready so that it could be released online on the festive day. The teaser which is basically just a teeny tiny introduction to the film has all the elements to generate curiosity. Also one gets to see Shaan Shahid and Shamoon Abbasi together, in new avatars and that is just magical.


Humayun Saeed gets replaced and the “Waar” trio of Shaan-Shamoon-Hamza reunites in the upcoming film “Gidh”

Its a norm worldwide that when a film becomes a hit , the general public wants a sequel, or wants the same group of actors in another film. When Waar released last year , it became more then just a success. Waar was a game-changer and finally gave the Pakistani Film Industry something to be proud of. So after its release everyone wanted a sequel. The  makers responded and a sequel was announced. But due to story continuation, many actors from the first part had to be chopped of from the sequel. But (more…)