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BREAKING NEWS: Jalaibee is releasing on March 20th

By: Zeeshan Mahmood

Jalaibee, a highly awaited movie, is finally hitting the cinemas in Pakistan, USA, UK and Middle East on March 20th, 2015. The release date of the movie is announced officially by ARY Films and Redrum Films in an online release along with the first poster of the film.

In multi-star film many known faces of the entertainment industry are taking debut including the TV’s favorite hunk Danish Taimoor along with Wiqar Ali Khan, Ali Safina, Zhalay Sarhadi and Uzair Jaswal. The film also includes the veteran TV/film actor Sajid Hasan in a prominent role.


Pakistan’s New-age Cinema: Expectations and Challenges

By Zeeshan Mahmood

‘New-age cinema’ and ‘revival of cinema’ are the two terms most frequent in media these days when the current state of film industry in Pakistan is in focus. These terms may sound cliches, but I believe they are used quite aptly for our film industry that is finally on the rise after a long downfall spanning over a period of two decades, and taking baby steps to be formed into new shapes and dimensions sourcing out of the passion and efforts of a new breed of filmmakers that is without any coincidence largely happens to be from Karachi instead of Lahore unlike in the days gone.

The dream of seeing boom in the film industry and cinema culture of Pakistan seems nearing its reality with an increasing number of films being announced, but the business of making films and selling the dream of revival of cinema at the same time does not seem a smooth journey owing to multi-dimensional socio-economic, cultural and political issues engulfing the local film industry just like any other business in the country in this time of uncertainty. In this article, I discuss some of the challenges new-age cinema faces today along with people’s hopes and expectations from it.


Urdu Film Festival: Aperto Per le Iscrizioni Ora (Open For Entries Now)

Urdu Film Festival (UFFB)

Filmmakers-check, movies-check, cinemas-check, an Urdu Film Festival, Really? That too on an international platform-okay, not even the C of check. Isn’t it the icing on the cake that just when we have started getting quality local films in our cinemas, and a new life seems to have been blown into what looked to be an almost dead soul of Pakistan film industry, a festival gets announced, a much needed film festival dedicated solely to Urdu films, and the fact that it will be held on an international location, makes it even bigger. You ask why? Well, because this is what will hugely help the local film industry in marketing and propagating the national culture, our nerrative, Pakistan’s nerrative, outside our regular boundaries. (more…)

Film actress Laila and controversies: Here’s a new one!

“Film actress Laila to marry Jahangir Badar’s son….” This was obviously unexpected news to many of us and has been the highlight of the ‘entertainment section’ of numerous newspapers and TV channels since last week. ‘Oh God, Not again!’ would have been the reaction of those who already had enough of the daily disasters of Meera and Veena Malik and felt that such an act serves no purpose except damaging the almost extinct image of Pakistan film industry. (more…)