Saima Noor

Exploring new avenues: Syed Noor directs Saima and Abdullah Ejaz for TVC

By: Hasnat Afridi

Syed Noor is of course a big name in Pakistan film industry. Known as the ‘showman’ of Lollywood, he has been there, right as one of the pillars of the filmmaking business for quite a long time. Now he has ventured into a new avenue: Television Commercials (TVC’S).  That’s been heard right, yes. (more…)

Armaan’s remake and Tarang Housefull; the bigger picture

Tarang Housefull 2

With a struggling film scene in the country, the only thing that is left for people to cherish about is the golden past the industry once lived in. Pakistan in last decade saw ‘Television Industry’ being developed as one of its strongest pillars, this obviously includes the vibrant news media that is now seen as the third force for justice in the country and is flourishing day by day. With so much cheap entertainment available in your room’s TV set and almost no applaudable effort on cinema side, Pakistan film industry went deep down in the pit of failure. (more…)