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Tarang Housefull Awards , the results, the pictures…

The Tarang Housefull Awards took place in Karachi two days back and judging from the pictures this was one helluva award ceremony. Lots of  filmi celebrities graced the awards with their presence and many performed too.   Performances by  Sara Loren, Mommar Rana, Noor,Sami Khan,Sana, Meeka Zulfiqar,Bushra Ansari,Ali Safina,Saba Hameed among others were seen. Omar Sharif did a standup comedy act too. Here is the EXCLUSIVE COMPLETE LIST of announced winners while one award winners is yet not known to the common public.

In the list the films will be listed as following

Armaan: (Ar)
Anjuman: (An)
Abhi To Main Jawan Hoon: (ATMJH)
Dil Mera Dharkan Teri : (DMDT)
Devar Bhabhi: (DB)

Best Telefilm- Anjuman (An)
Best Director-Yasir Nawaz (An)
Best Song- Dil Dharke Main Tum Se  (An)
Tarang  Jodi- Fawad Khan and Amina Sheikh (Ar)
Best Actor in Leading Role (Male)- Sami Khan (DB) and Faisal Qureshi(Ai)
Best Actor in Leading Role (Female)- Sara Loren (An)
Best Supporting Actor (Male)- Vasay Chaudhary (Ar)
Best Supporting Actor (Female)-Sanam Saeed (DMDT)
Best Styling – Wajid Khan (Ai)
Best Cinematographer – Rana Kamran (Ar)
Best Music Director – Naveed Wajid Ali Nashad (DB)
Best Editor – Kamran and Asad Ali (ATMJH)
Best Art Director – Fizza Ali Mirza (Ar)
Best Screenplay – Zarjabeel (An)
Best Choreographer – Huma Naz (An)
Best Costumes – Zaheer Abbas, Umar Sayeed & Maazjee  (An)
Best Styling/Makeup-
Best Adapted Screenplay- Zarjabeel Asim Shah (An)

The film with the most awards was Anjuman (8Awards). Here are some pictures from the event. Here are some pictures from the event.
Photo Courtesy:  Bushra Shah Photographer

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Watch all complete Tarang Housefull movies here : Armaan, Aaina,Anjuman,Devar bhabhi,Abhi to mein jawan hoon and Dil mera dhadkan teri!

tarang housefull covers

Video of the day 11 June: Watch all complete Tarang Housefull movies here Armaan, Aaina,Anjuman,Devar bhabhi,Abhi to mein jawan hoon and Dil mera dhadkan teri!

What GL says : Tarang did a commendable job by remaking six Lollywood classics. We at Galaxy Lollywood did a detailed post about these films here. Now that all of the six films have been aired we have decided to share the online links with you for you all to see. Do comment as to what you thought of the films. Moreiver Tarang is having Tarang Housefull awards where you can make your voice heard and vote. For details visit their facebook page




Devar Bhabhi

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Armaan’s remake and Tarang Housefull; the bigger picture

Tarang Housefull 2

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