(Galaxy Lollywood Exclusive): Swaarangi is all set to release real soon…

By:  Momin Ali Munshi

All you Resham fans out there can now rejoice as the comeback film of your beloved actress is all set to hit cinemas real soon. The high placed sources of ours inform us that the release date of the film has been locked and the film is going to release somewhere in October after Eid. Yes, you read that right! The film which is making all the right waves due to its blockbuster music is now going to soon release in cinemas. (more…)

Lollywood star Resham all geared up for her comeback film Swaarangi.

What? Where? Resham? That tv chic?Coming back? What Comeback? How?

Well if there is one thing that India has taught us in the recent times it is that if an actress goes missing from the film scene ,even if it is for an extremely  brief period of time ,and then does  her next film it is for sure termed as a comeback. Aishwariya Rai who did her last film in 2010 and now is about to start shooting for her next film, guess what,  the media has already named it as  the comeback of Aishwariya Rai. So then it is only fair that we call our own Resham’s coming back to the big screen after a seven year hiatus the TRUE COMEBACK . Yes Resham is finally returning to the silver screen and the film she’s  chosen is called “Swaarangi.”


The last film Resham did before bidding films goodbye was Sangeeta’s Tadap which If my memory serves me right was a commendable effort made by the team. After this Resham like many of her contemporaries moved towards televison,where she did quite some quality shows, but now in year 2013 we see Resham coming back to her first love i.e cinema.

The film titled Swaarangi has Resham and Ayub Khosa in prominent roles with a bunch of talented new actors doing the supporting roles. A brief synopsis ( No spoilers) of the film would be that Resham is tired of her husband’s drug addiction and the husband has a friend to blame for all of this and there is also a mysterious Saeein ( Ayub Khosa) and all their lives are interconnected somehow.


The film which is  currently in the post-production period has been shot at the picturesque locations of Mianwali among others.  In a chat with Galaxy lollywood Mazhar Abbas the producer of the film told us that  “Ninety percent of the film has been shot in the exteriors and it took us four months and three spells to complete the shoot.”


Furthermore he added that “Resham  who was not accepting any films due to monotonous characters accepted Swaarangi because the role being offerred was very strong and  challenging. Similarly Ayub Khosa also loved the script”  Lastly Mazhar Abbas added that “The film has a blend of young and experienced actors”. The release date of the film is not yet announced but we will let you know when it is announced. Here we are attaching the teaser of song from the film. Enjoy 🙂