Yasir Hussain

‘Karachi Se Lahore’ trailer hits the comic bullseye

By Aayan Mirza

Although there is still some time for the actual product to be unveiled, but the recently released trailer of the upcoming film, Karachi Se Lahore, seems to have won the public already.

And why wouldn’t it, the film from the peek through it’s trailer looks to not only have a good portion of organic humour, but also some catchy music, an entertaining cast and an interesting enough plot. All the necessary ingredients to make it a potential blockbuster we say. (more…)

‘Karachi Se Lahore’ will “entertain the audiences:” Says director Wajahat Rauf

By Aayan Mirza

There maybe some more time for Pakistan film industry to get back on its feet, but what we can say now for sure is that it is at least on the right track. You don’t quite agree? Well, the number of films set to release this year may probably prove you wrong. And hey, there is a new one in the list; the road-trip romantic comedy, Karachi Se Lahore.

Starring Shahzad Sheikh, Ayesha Omar and the veterans Javed Sheikh and Rashid Naz in prominent roles, along with Eshita Syed, Ahmed Ali, Yasir Hussain, Mantaha Tareen and Ashir Wajahat in other significant roles, the film is being directed and produced by Wajahat Rauf, whose production and directorial portfolio includes TV hits like, Nikah, Soteli, Shabe Aarzoo Ka Alam and Danish Taimoor and Aieza Khan starer romantic-comedy Jab We Wed. (more…)